A warehouse filled with rare and beautiful antique furniture and objects is the result of years of knowledge and good taste. The purveyors of Three Friends Studio – Michael and Margaret Chung - have spent more than fifty years studying and living with Chinese art. They both trace their roots to the merchant princes who dominated the Chinese society during the turn of the 20 century in British Hong Kong. From early childhood, they learned through their keen observation of their family ancestral homes, the rich material culture that was an embodiment of elegance and refinement. Their distinctive taste of aesthetics was further cultivated from their studies of art and Chinese art history at the Art Institute and the University of Chicago.

The art and antique furniture at Three Friends Studio reflects a collection that is the accumulation of the best efforts in selecting the best, but affordable pieces for designers and collectors. The art objects span centuries of Chinese history, from Neolithic times to the present. The antique furniture collection ranges from the ornate carved pieces of the Qing Dynasty, the rustic country furnishings, to the pieces that are simple in form and elegant in style as a reflection of the classic tradition of Ming furniture. Tall wood door and window panels are evocative of the interiors of Chinese homes; their distinctive style represents their geographic origins. Natural tree roots in furniture and sculptures, and pieces of stone objects contribute as accessories to a “green” environment.

We value our association with designers who bring new life to our antique pieces by placing them as focal points of interest in today’s living environment.


The Three Friends of Winter are represented by the pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms. All three are hardy plants able to fluorish in the harsh environments of nature. The pine tree enjoys longevity, the bamboo is prolific, and fast growing and the plum is the first flowering tree to bloom even in winter snow. Three Friends Studio, Ltd. opened after Black Monday, 1987. The name Three Friends was well chosen.

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